Andrea Zamperoni, 33, served as head chef at the Cipriani Dolci's famed Grand Central outpost, until his disappearance on August 17th.
I think 50 years ago they would have called this an acid test.
Various people claim that Weinstein had a very close relationship with Giuseppe Cipriani, and used the various Cipriani hotels, bars and restaurants as his 'hunting ground' for women.
The doormen at Cipriani's event space on 42nd Street might need to work on their hospitality?
The show did go on for unpopular Uzbeki fashion designer Gulnara "GooGooSha" Karimova...sort of.
Since being kicked out of Fashion Week over human rights concerns, GooGooSha is looking to take her show on the road, all the way to Cipriani.
A feud over tip distribution between waiters and busboys is brewing at Harry Cipriani restaurant
Welcome to the Lunch Quadrant, where we offer you four lunch options
There's probably some sort of government cover-up happening with this whole
The gang from Sesame Street was out walking the red carpet
With the recession only getting worse, now a guy doesn't even
Carl Andrews, former state senator from Brooklyn, has resigned from his $171,000-a-year
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