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After being closed for over 17 years, the defunct theater will be turned into a "multi-screen cinema with restaurant facilities and a meeting room/event space."

"Basically, we're trying to keep that Lincoln Plaza spirit and the spirit of communal specialized movie-going alive."

The long-awaited first Alamo Drafthouse location in Manhattan is finally opening next week in the Financial District.

It's Spielberg's love letter to the original film, 1950s NYC, and the enduring mythology of well-choreographed street gangs named after elasmobranch fish and/or hockey teams.

The Manhattan location will be at 28 Liberty Street in Financial District, and the Staten Island one is stationed near New Dorp Beach.

'That thing back there was a cyborg, half-man half-robot. I knew one once. I didn't know what he was until I had made love with him.'

A Trey Anastasio documentary, anniversary screenings of 'Reality Bites' and 'Say Anything,' a special re-release of 'Apocalypse Now,' and Danny Boyle's Beatles movie are among the highlights of this years TIFF.

The dispute stems from an upstairs neighbor who has complained about hearing noise from the cinema.

Richard Linklater's newest film will be open the 55th New York Film Festival this fall.

Are you the kind of person who would enjoy a 4DX movie? That depends on how you feel about being mildly pummeled by your seat.