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Governor Phil Murphy widened the eligibility pool to more than 4 million people, including people 65 years or older and those with underlying medical conditions.

A remote control shelf set up at a Brooklyn shop hid away allegedly untaxed cigarettes.

The latest front in the war on smoking: the butt.

Juul borrowed directly from the Big Tobacco playbook in order to hook teens, according to the lawsuit.

We spoke with newly-smoke-free Corey Johnson about the monkey on his back, as well as e-cigarettes, marijuana, smoking bans in public housing, and presidential candidate Bill de Blasio.

Cigarettes and other tobacco products will disappear from the shelves of New York City pharmacies starting tomorrow.

The mayor also signed a bill to ban the sale of tobacco products at pharmacies.

He arrived Thursday morning and immediately began dropping exquisite Britishisms on Twitter.

The NYPD is looking for men they say looted $8K worth of cigarettes from two Rite Aids on Smith Street this week.

UPS will shell out $247 million to New York City and New York State for "illegally shipping" hundreds of thousands of untaxed cartons of cigarettes, a federal judge ruled on Thursday.