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Yesterday, the city's Law Department announced two more lawsuits against stores that exploit a perceived loophole in the city's obscene cigarette tax law.

The city is going after roll-your-own cigarette shops that are exploiting a perceived loophole in the tobacco tax law.

A local cigarette store thinks it's found a loophole that lets it get around NYC's obscene cigarette tax. The NYC Law Department thinks different.

NBC Connecticut We all know that cigarettes are very expensive in

Before the $1.60-a-pack tax hike on cigarettes took its devastation hold,

So, when Indian chiefs denounce the state's plan to collect taxes

Indians in New York, upset with Governor Paterson's attempt to tax

Throwing a wrench in Governor Paterson's plan to collect cigarette taxes

With Bloomberg already besieged by protests and angry letters calling for

It looks like Mayor Bloomberg is standing by his cowboys and Indians