The war between the president and the country's intelligence services is heating up, with Trump reportedly ready to appoint a friend of his to conduct a review of the agencies.
Dick Cheney calls the report "a bunch of hooey."
The diplomat's father insists his daughter is the target of the CIA.
The CIA is paying AT&T more than $10 million each year for the phone records of Americans who make calls overseas.
Video shows one protester being punched repeatedly as officers struggle to handcuff him.
It was David's first day of school, would the other kids think he was cool? He tied his tie, kissed his wife goodbye. It was David's first day of school.
Most of the questions Boehner posed to Obama before the president announced that he would consult Congress before acting remain unanswered.
Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman shared the Pulitzer Prize for their reporting on the NYPD's covert Muslim spying program, and their book offers a comprehensive look at the Intelligence Division.
Perhaps the president was just trying to offer some banal praise to smooth things over? Or maybe he really is considering Kelly to lead the Department of Homeland Security.
One CIA agent led “NYPD investigations, operations, and surveillance activities directed at US persons and non-US persons.”
The website for the government agency responsible for keeping our nation's deepest, darkest secrets buried deep in the shame shadows has been hacked, according to the UG Nazi hacker collective.
The exhibition features vintage spook technology like WWII-era code-making machines as well as some more unique intelligence inventions, like Robot Fish "Charlie," a remote-controlled robotic catfish.
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