"The resilience of the community has been amazing."
The female reverend accused her supervising pastor of sending her inappropriate photos, groping her, and asking for oral sex.
"We're absolutely devastated."
It's not clear how much money was taken.
A stone from the Shrine of St. Michael the Archangel was in the man's backpack.
The Church is very upset about Davidson's 'offensive' skit.
A community meeting on Wednesday night resulted in no resolution yet.
Taillors Group, the business, is now looking to move.
On the Lord's day, no less.
More than a dozen women have come forward in recent weeks to accuse a Queens-based Catholic priest of sexual abuse, alleging that decades of predatory behavior was covered up by both Maspeth's Holy Cross Church and the Diocese of Brooklyn.
St. Patrick's sheep will be in town for six weeks.
The process could lead to the groups, many of them houses of worship, losing their properties.
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