Chumley's will reportedly become the latest NYC institution to shutter during the pandemic.
After years of NIMBY blockades and delays, the legendary speakeasy has finally reopened with a spiffy new look and prices to match.
The bar's most recent struggles with bureaucratic roadblocks, housing code nightmares and NIMBY lawsuits are just a piece of the bar's long, colorful history.
The new "Chumley's on steroids will have leather banquettes, French-oak tables, and fancy bar food and cocktails.
"The neighborhood has changed down there and we needed to consider that."
"I don't know of anyone in the neighborhood who's looking forward to this."
The bar and its supporters will appear in front of the Community Board Two SLA Committee to plead their case for the approval of an application for a liquor license.
Saving one 86-year-old spot seems like a small victory, to say the least.
Because they probably won't win.
A group of locals have sued the SLA to revoke the iconic bar's liquor license.
Chumley's back in the day (FNY). Since a chimney collapse caused
Is the long-shuttered age-old West Village "speakeasy" Chumley's finally seeing the
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