Chuck schumer

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called this the largest lump sum payment to a transit agency ever.
Hip Hop Ya Don’t Stop... especially if you're Chuck Schumer?
The U.S. Senate Majority Leader plans to bring marijuana reform to a vote, which will force some senators to publicize their long-hidden stances on the drug.
"We are very hopeful that the cry from one end of America to the other — 'take this student loan debt off our backs' — will be heard in the White House."
No stimulus could be too large for New York City, where capital needs for public housing are as high as $40 billion and the MTA is facing long-term structural challenges.
“The people in Congress that are responsible for fueling this kind of fire, by supporting Trump until the very end, they need to go.”
"It's really a miserly amount compared to what's being provided by European social democracies and what the actual need is among every day New Yorkers."
'Strapping in dogs for dangerous doors-off flights over New York is just totally repugnant.'
'We don't think we're being unreasonable.'
On Monday, Senator Chuck Schumer announced that the 11-block stretch of Rockaway Beach closed off to the public last year will soon reopen, thanks to a joint agreement reached by the Army Corps of Engineers and New York City.
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