Chuck scarborough

Chuck Scarborough loved Google too much.
Her longtime co-anchor Chuck Scarborough called her, "Funny, unpredictable, dangerous, and always there when you and I needed her there to share the news."
After 32 years, Sue will say good-bye.
Or could WNBC let Chuck Scarborough go solo?
The scuttlebutt about Sue Simmons' non-renewal of contract.
Len Berman didn't exactly use his farewell from the WNBC 4
Could ongoing cuts to NBC News Channel 4 go so deep
Original Photo of WNBC by Toby Von Meistersinger Jimmy Fallon talked
A new study from Columbia University's Earth Institute says there is a
Photo of Chuck and Sue at work by author Fans of
WNBC anchor Sue Simmons's unexpected cursing during a Monday night promo continues
When Asa Aarons was let go last week, we had a gut
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