Chuck e cheese

Just like my mama used to say, you can't spell "Chuck" without cuck.
Apparently times have been troubled for everyone's favorite family fun and entertainment center, and they've agreed to a $950 million buyout.
"A Chuck E. Cheese in Commack, Long Island: one of the last places, perhaps, you'd expect to see a fistfight," says the ABC newsman with a straight face.
A waiter at Applebee's received the most adorable tip this week.
The voice of Chuck E. Cheese since 1993, Duncan Brannan, found out about his character's death only after he heard the new ad campaign on the internet.
Point, counterpoint: Should children be banned from restaurants?
Is Chuck E. Cheese a hotbed of criminal activity? Andrew Fine
Proof that everyone could use a little Chuck E. Cheese in
Victim Miguel Colon The enraged driver whose appalling mile-long rampage through
Miguel Colon Miguel Colon was crossing East Gun Hill Road in
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