Chuck close

It's the largest public art installation in New York history.
You can see some of the renderings of art the MTA has commissioned that will adorn the four major stations along the route.
Finally, a nice bit of news out of the Second Avenue Subway!
Mayor Bloomberg unveiled a new campaign, Just Ask The Locals, "the
New Yorkers rate their critics in this weeks Time Out New York
There's yet another interesting bit in this weeks City section FYI
Not only are you a classical pianist, you're also the chair and
Inventive Fashion Photographs by Chuck Close, Annie Leibovitz, Vik Muniz is an
Name, age, occupation, where do you live and where are you from.
There are tons of cultural events going on this week as a
With many major thoroughfares closed down on Saturday, as the Olympic torch
The Olympic Torch Relay in NY is on: Already, P. Diddy missed
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