Christopher columbus

Hundreds of people swept through the American Museum of Natural History Monday as part of the second annual Anti-Columbus Day Tour.
Members of Mayor de Blasio's controversial statue commission are hoping the public can help them decide which of the city's monuments qualify as "symbols of hate."
Italian-American groups have been fuming over Mayor de Blasio's perceived disregard for the city's Christopher Columbus statues, and now the mayor has been asked not to participate in the Bronx's Columbus Day Parade this Sunday.
According to police, Daniel Kimmery managed to scale the 76-foot statue and coat its fingertips at around 10 p.m. on Saturday.
Police are searching for the person who destroyed a bust of Christopher Columbus was in Yonkers over the weekend.
These plaques would, in theory, allow certain contested figures to remain in place with a new citation that foregrounds their potentially hateful or destructive deeds.
Some Italian-Americans find this art installation circling around the Christopher Columbus statue an "abomination." What do YOU think?
An elevated living room is being built around the Christopher Columbus statue.
Today is Columbus Day, and the annual parade up Fifth Avenue
For those lucky enough to be enjoying this three-day weekend, let’s take
Today is Columbus Day, and since it's a federal, state and local
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