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“We’re actually going through our stock and we did not anticipate that the trees would be sold so early,” a New York native who has been selling trees in Cobble Hill for 38 years, told Gothamist.

And a Christmas Hero emerges to liberate what once was a $600 tree.

The trees will be shipped in regular Amazon boxes, with no water. Ho ho ho.

BYO-bespoke axe to this tree pop-up, but only as the perfect accessory to your lumbersexual attire.

It's time to chuck that withered fire trap that not even the cat will attempt to climb anymore.

The family comes down one month out of every year to sell Christmas trees on Jane Street.

Fortunately no one was hurt in the blaze, thanks in no small part to a quick-thinking area man and his garden hose.

Christmas is really, truly, over. So maybe it is time you got that tree out of your apartment?