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Over 575 homeless families living in Win shelters couldn't apply for housing vouchers due to an “illogical” 90-day shelter rule that’s contributing to the city’s strained shelter system, the organization said.

“It’s not accurate for him to say that this was just something that the council was proposing and he just went along with it."

The suspect, who is bipolar, had been an intern of former City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

"In all seriousness, tonight is really about the littlest among us," said Colbert. "Speaking of which, is Mayor Bloomberg here? Mayor Bloomberg can you stand on your chair or something?"

Because it's never too early to start wrangling those Bronx voters, right?

De Blasio gets the backing of another rival.

Many unions had shifted their support from Christine Quinn to Bill de Blasio.

It turned out that being inextricably tied to a hubristic billionaire plutocrat was not an asset.