Christine blasey ford

'What we know: The power of MeToo is in the numbers. It's in the people. [Dr. Ford] didn't get hit by that train alone. We're out here together.'
"I want justice and accountability but I also want revenge," read one sign.
Another witness attests to drunken, disrespectful, party boy behavior by teen Kavanaugh; Trump calls Dr. Ford and other accusers 'evil'; Senators speak out; and oh god is there really more?
Will it ever end? All too soon, friends, all too soon.
"It feels like they're doing this just to deliver a fuck you to Democrats, and even more directly, a fuck you to women."
Weighing these allegations alongside the unhinged, entitled fury on display during Thursday’s hearing, it becomes apparent that Kavanaugh is a man who strongly believes that he holds an implicit right to the things he wants.
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