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The ancient artifacts were linked to a notorious smuggler who's said to have stolen hundreds of millions of dollars worth of art.

Head to Christie's at 1 p.m. to bid on the Nobel medal of Dr. James Watson, a molecular biologist who was awarded the prize in 1962 for his groundbreaking discoveries in the structure of DNA.

The works include photos of the World Trade Center and Statue of Liberty plus sketches.

Then again, it's a triptych, so it's like three paintings for about $47.47 million each!

"It was amazing. Nobody knows what to do with their money, I guess."

A prime selection of Huguette Clark's baubles hit the auction block last night at Christie's, exceeding expectations on almost every lot.

In a letter, Jack Kerouac asked Marlon Brando to buy the rights to his novel, and make a movie out of it.