If Graham really wanted to know if Obama is a Christian, he could have just asked his father, Rev. Billy Graham, who prayed with the president in 2010.
According to David Brooks, Jeremy Lin is an anomaly in professional sports because of his religious devotion—just like Tim Tebow, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods, Sandy Koufax, and Hakeem Olajuwon are anomalies too!
God: "It's your soul or a stuffed animal. What's it going to be?"
Not surprisingly, Brookfield has yet to respond to the request, and we've contact the company for comment.
"It's a Christmas tree. It always has been and it always will be, no matter what that buffoon says it is."
The event was billed as a "Thanksgiving table forum," which makes sense if all your family talks about at Thanksgiving is same-sex marriage and abortion.
Because nothing strengthens the sacred bond between one's God and one's soul like a legally binding document.
“The blessings of faith carry the responsibility of civil and respectful debate," Romney said.
Local atheists say they're considering suing the city over a new street sign in Red Hook that honors firefighters who died on 9/11.
A science teacher at a Sunset Park public school has been
Oh, Catholic League - it isn't even Halloween and you're getting ready
Can someone's religion shield her from charges for smuggling bushmeat into the
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