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A 13-year-old Brooklyn resident says an MTA clerk choked her during an altercation at a subway station in March, and she is suing the MTA for over $2 million.

The attack was so bad, Soler didn't know if she was going to survive it: "She couldn’t pass air and thought she was going to die."

A Brooklyn Assistant District Attorney was arrested early this morning after he allegedly attacked an EMT worker who was trying to bring him to the hospital.

Lohan was allegedly assaulted in a Manhattan hotel room early this morning by a man who took photos of her partying, and then refused to delete them.

A retired NYPD lieutenant is suing Bumble Tuna and Costco after

The film adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk's satirical novel Choke concerns a

Left to right: Chuck Palahniuk, Clark Gregg, Aaron Gell, Sam Rockwell. Last

Encouraged by the passage of a law requiring chain restaurants in New