Workers walked off the job to protest what the say are unfair wages and scheduling practices
An army of blood-thirsty and guac-hungry rats are chewing their way through a Manhattan Chipotle, according to freaked out workers who say management failed to act even after they were bitten.
"This is a great day for me because I get to go back to my job and earn money I need to support myself and my family."
"This is a public health issue and a workers' rights issue."
Bank of America, which barely escaped consequences for its role in the ruinous 2008 financial collapse, doesn't see the point of paying for "human labor at fair compensation."
The chain is launching the cheese dip nation wide. But why?
The lawsuit alleges that Obama Administration overtime guidelines apply, despite one Texas judge's ruling.
All of this after over a year of dealing with a food safety crisis...(and that whole cocaine thing).
The chain announced plans for new guidelines for its chicken suppliers, including improved breeding, living, and slaughtering conditions for the birds.
An attorney representing some of the plaintiffs called Chipotle's move "textbook appropriate."
Many coke users are shook up over a recent high-profile drug ring bust.
As a result, the company's stock took a dip this morning.
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