The police and community activists believe that Asians are seen as "soft targets" for criminals.
"The white picket fence. It's the symbol of the American dream."
The dish shares a genes with both Indian and Chinese cuisines—and looks a lot like Swedish meatballs without the meat.
Meet Mr. Bing, serving jianbing, Chinese savory crepes stuffed with things like Peking Duck and Kalbi Short Rib.
It's mix-and-match dry pot tossed in a fiery, fragrant sauce redolent with the peppercorns, hunks of fresh ginger, garlic, whole and dried chili peppers
Clearly anyone who is a demolition expert, a moral leader, and the "most influential person of China" deserves a shot at the top of the masthead.
A surging number of immigrants from China will soon surpass immigrants from the Dominican Republic in New York City.
Though owner Danny Bowien admits they've had cleanliness issues in the past, he insists the ongoing problems aren't because of a dirty kitchen.
Shanghaiist food editor Benjamin Cost recently visited Mission Chinese to see what all the hype was about, and was bitterly disappointed by the "astoundingly awful" food.
Critics say a Chinese sitcom called "Ipartment" has been ripping off U.S. sitcoms like Friends.
Interested in embarking upon an eating adventure across Flushing's legendary food courts, but not sure where to begin? We break it down for you.
With the help of a staffer's parents who grew up in Taiwan, here's a cursory guide.
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