Chinatown bus

As if you needed more reason to fear cheap bus rides.
Safe travels, daredevils!
Forty-eight others were injured.
Another discount bus carrier bites the dust.
But, then again, what's a little risk of getting your skull crushed when you can take a $10 trip to Baltimore?
One for harassment and one for allegedly punching a woman in the face in a fight over luggage space on a Chinatown bus!
If you're a big fan of bolting to Boston or Baltimore for a buck, you might be seeing some transportation changes soon.
How will we get to Baltimore with just ten dollars now?
"He was staring back at me the whole time," passenger Illiana Martinez tells the Post. "He wanted me to see him."
The crash scene on I-95 (Virginia State Police) After one of
The driver of the bus which overturned in Virginia yesterday was charged with reckless driving, and the company was shut down by the US Department of Transportation. Now, pol's are calling for stricter regulations.
A bus headed to Chinatown overturned in central Virginia, killing four people and injuring many others.
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