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Supplies are unlikely to be as universal as past vaccine rollouts because Congress hasn’t renewed pandemic funding. Here's where to get early shots.

The shift in policy means hundreds of additional children will now be eligible for city-funded services each year, amounting to a 50% increase in the city’s annual caseloads of lead exposure.

Gothamist looks at how cherry-picking science became the center of the anti-mask movement in politics and media and then reviews the evidence on the effectiveness of masks and if they cause physical harm.

Unvaccinated children make up the majority of pediatric COVID patients admitted in the last week amid concerns about school safety and testing protocols.

Parents are also reporting their children are being removed from the city’s opt-in testing program after only a first dose of vaccine.

At P.S. 166 Henry Gradstein in Queens, total cases nearly tripled over the past week.

At the Flatbush YMCA, kids were handed a fire hat, coloring book, and as many stickers as they could handle while their parents received a $100 prepaid debit card.

"Tomorrow's going to be a historic day for this city in our fight against COVID as we reach our youngest New Yorkers."

"We have about 1,400 children just in our practice that will become eligible. If you imagine a third of that population calling us Monday to schedule the appointment as soon as possible, then you understand."

The Pfizer vaccine for young children cleared its first FDA vote Tuesday, so elementary school-aged kids could become eligible as soon as next week.