Childhood obesity

Good luck, buddy.
Somewhere in Bermuda, Michael Bloomberg sips a sugar-free diet cola and laughs.
The mayoral hopeful announced a regulation that would curb the calories of kids meals at restaurants if she makes it to City Hall.
A NYC doctor had issues with the study, though!
"It’s been nothing but bad news for 30 years, so the fact that we have any good news is a big story," said Thomas Farley, head of the Department of Health.
Bloomberg said, "Kids love salad bars in schools - I keep hearing that they are often the first choice for lunch."
"If you have something that gives kids the feeling that they can go wherever they want . . . farther from their parents and the community, it brings a lot of bad things."
In an effort to battle the ongoing war against childhood obesity, Brooklyn assemblyman Felix Ortiz has called for legislation to ban toys from children's meals in large fast-food chains, unless they meet certain nutritional standards
While gratis bagels and orange juice make it more likely that hungry children will be fed, the Health Department worries the city's Breakfast in the Classroom program is feeding them TOO much.
“Being fat takes the fun out of being a kid" is the new "Are you pouring on the pounds?"
C'mon, get healthy!
A new children's book, Maggie Goes on a Diet, is causing quite a stir. But to be fair, it's not just the diaper making your butt look big, honey.
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