Child sex trafficking

'I doubt that any bail package can overcome danger to the community,' the judge ruled.
Prosecutors say their case is "already significantly stronger" than when they indicted the mega-rich financier last week, "and getting stronger every single day."
Also: Epstein's little black book included 14 Trump numbers.
"I felt almost obligated because of the money he was giving me ...I didn't know if he would get angry or if I didn't listen what the repercussions would have been."
As many questions as we can answer about the ultra-rich sex offender, answered.
Prosecutors allege that Epstein "created a vast network of underage victims ... to sexually exploit"—"a steady stream of minor[s]" feeding into his mansions.
Alan Dershowitz allegedly participated in, and then helped cover up, Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking scheme.
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