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We know people are really into chicken sandwiches lately, but...

They are now no longer in danger of being turned into food.

Squabbles over coop rules have migrated to the new Brooklyn. Which is Queens, or something. It's hard to keep track.

Red Hook hens Chicki Minaj, Hillary Chicken, Black Betty and Salt Hen Peppa are doing fine after Sandy. But their owner is having a tough time finding a new place to live with them.

A controversial Park Slope chicken coop is tearing Park Slope apart in that very special way that only Park Slope can tear apart.

Sure, the Park Slope Co-op is all about organic free range chicken, but certainly Not In Its Back Yard.

You gotta crack an egg to make an omelete, but who knew you probably had to be okay with a little lead poisoning to raise an urban chicken?

In Crown Heights last night, animal rights protestors argued with Ultra-Orthodox Jews over the ritual slaughter of chickens on the eve of Yom Kippur.

Is that your chicken on the left?

Welcome to day two of Winged Animal Week—today we visit some chicken coops in Brooklyn!