Chicken wings

A dozen spots that are guaranteed to sate your cravings.
Are you a one-biter or a bone-twister?
Happy chickens, crunchy exterior and a subtly sweet sauce make these a killer wing option.
From sandwiches to fried chicken to wings, chicken is enjoying a moment in the NYC foodie spotlight.
Though he's previously eschewed these fried bits of tendon and glory, apparently Pok Pok NY's wares were enough to entice him.
Buffalo sauce doesn't have quite the same kick as foie gras.
Plus some of the best secret menu chicken wings the city has to offer.
First place winner Miki Sudo chowed down on 178 chicken wings in the 12-minute time slot.
Because nothing says, "I love you, Mom," like a complimentary Chicken Strip Cheese served by a a lady of Orange Pride.
Get those dipping fingers ready: Wingfest is almost here!
Joey Chestnut ate over 7 pounds of wings in 12 minutes. What did YOU do on your Sunday?
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