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The rooster, which was found on the street, has been described as 'an extremely punk rock gender-ambiguous chicken.'

The restaurant offers up quite a bit of poultry-based dishes, everything from their extra virgin olive oil fried options to grilled options like Jamaican BBQ and Bulgogi Chicken Galbi.

Some of their chicken was even less than 50%, the rest being made up of soy.

The chain announced plans for new guidelines for its chicken suppliers, including improved breeding, living, and slaughtering conditions for the birds.

Suddenly, menus are filled with hot chicken buzzwords like Sasso and Heritage Breed, touted for their ancestry and the aging the birds undergo before making it to our plates.

"Chick-fil-A perpetuates the idea that some lives matter more than others, and that is the root of all that is wrong with the world."

Look at it! You want to eat it! You want to eat it now!

He that has not crossed the road among you, let him first cast a stone at Pink Chicken.

From sandwiches to fried chicken to wings, chicken is enjoying a moment in the NYC foodie spotlight.

Next time you bite into a nice, juicy drumstick or tasty, tender chicken breast, note that it could be covered in antibiotic-resistant bacteria just itching to wreak havoc on your immune system.