The Machine is about much more than an ancient board game; it's about blinding ambition and sleepless obsession, and, on a more compelling level, our species' headlong rush to create technology that surpasses our ability to control it.
Brooklyn Middle School chess players faced off against high school students in the national championships, and handed their asses to them.
(via) Pawn takes rook, check mate! As everyone had hoped those
lizzard_nyc's flickr Great news summons aficionados: those outlaw chess players who
lizzard_nyc's flickr This past week, it was reported that police had
xbettyx's flickr Earlier this week, it was reported that the NYPD
A. Strakey's flickr We've long maintained that chess is one of
Season two of Thirteen's New York on the Clock has arrived, and
Rap artist RZA, who is a member of the Wu-Tang Clan, has
Photograph of Washington Square Park chess table by Paulo C on
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