Chesley sullenberger

If you really liked the movie "Flight" but wish it took place in NYC and had fewer stakes, then this is the movie for YOU.
A happy ending to a terrifying situation.
Birds love trash, therefore it dumb to put a trash facility near Laguardia, right?
Two years ago today, a US Airways flight splash-crashed into the icy
Way to deflate last year's feel-good story of the year: The
Captain Chelsey Sullenberger, the Flight 1549 captain who safely landed a
With Miracle on the Hudson pilot Captain Chesley Sullenberger back in
Get ready for the Sully media blitz! The US Airways pilot
Captain Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, who captured the hearts of many when
While Miracle on the Hudson hero Captain Chesley Sullenberger hasn't been
The Flight 1549 crew received a standing ovation before they testified
Though the Miracle on the Hudson was about a month ago,
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