"Listen, there's no alternative," Junior's owner Alan Rosen said. "That's why I got upset when I saw these articles about bagels, worrying about their schmear. They can still make a bagel. We cannot make a cheesecake."
Black Tap is at it again, this time with Junior's.
Also turns out Bill Clinton isn't a "smug vegan."
Stop by the original Downtown Brooklyn location, which is open until midnight tonight.
They have really excellent cheesecake.
It seems like pizza, hot dogs, and bagels get all the love when talking about iconic New York food. But let's not forget the humble cheesecake.
This babka is orally orgasmic.
Recipe stealing, a fake Carnegie Deli in Bangkok and lots of missing meat.
Obama's trip to Brooklyn yesterday culminated in him declaring the borough "cool" and paling around with Bill de Blasio at Junior's.
The most important election of the day yesterday was not for
Brooklyn's Junior's Cheesecake will be celebrating their 60th anniversary on Tuesday,
Following the Junior's mousecake incident, PETA has sent an urgent open
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