"So anybody that has something bad to say, Fuck You All, I'm going viral," said the video uploader.
"Fans don't realize that they've been working for eight, sometimes 10 hours already that day."
Lest you are under the impression that hundreds of cheerleaders are parachuted down to the parade like pom-poming extras from "Red Dawn", here they are waiting for a train at Penn Station yesterday.
Last week the Brooklyn Nets held open auditions for their Kids Dance Team, comprised of children between the ages of 6-13.
“I’m a Tebow fan all the way!” Alicia Green, who dropped to one knee and "Tebowed," told the Post. “Yeah, he’s hot, and isn’t he a virgin still? That’s hot!”
A group of Connecticut High School cheerleaders went before the local
The Jets are apparently looking for some new cheerleaders to fill
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