A perfect opportunity to preserve the look of the old space! Except, well...
The iconic diner-lounge will be occupied by a Chase bank and vegan food chain by CHLOE.
Here are the two tenants who ARE taking over the space.
The shooting took place last year.
The suspect is wanted for attempted murder.
A driver was arrested yesterday evening after jumping the curb and slamming into the front of a restaurant on the Upper West Side following a chase with police.
"As I was taking photos of the baby bat, he became camera shy and tucked his tiny head under his wing. I couldn't believe my eyes."
An inebriated street sweeper swept up in the holiday spirit has been accused of leading police on a low-speed, low-impact chase to Long Island on New Year's Day.
Watch your PIN codes!
New Year's Eve celebrating continued into the early hours of Wednesday for one US Marine who led cops on a car and foot chase in Brooklyn.
"That bank’s been robbed before, but not quite like that."
He was found over a mile away...and he emerged from a manhole!
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