Charlie kaufman

Catherine Keener and Sally Hawkins sign on for Kaufman's pilot.
Charlie Kaufman's directorial debut; the ambitious, surreal and expansive Synecdoche, New
Don't feel bad about mangling the pronunciation of Charlie Kaufman's new film,
Filmmaker Ethan Coen has left his big brother behind and written three
New York mid-December always smells vaguely of pine and peppermint, despite our
Oh, Paul Giamatti... Hollywood may like good acting, but Oscars loves pretty
The enigmatic Charlie Kaufman could be one of our most exciting American
The basics: 1. Age and occupation I am 28 and I teach
So far, the work of Charlie Kaufman has only been adapted by
While Britain may have limited television options, the BBC has continued to
Oscar is celebrating its 75th anniversary, I'm celebrating my 25th anniversary of
The evening is over, while Gothamist will be following up with extensive
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