Charles schumer

Comedian Amy Schumer and distant cousin Sen. Charles Schumer continued their push for gun control on the steps of City Hall on Sunday.
"Our airspace in and around New York City is becoming the Wild West for drones," Sen. Charles Schumer said.
Sometimes simple questions demand simple answers, and this is one of them: If the cost of fuel is going down, why is my god damn plane ticket so expensive?
Senator Chuck Schumer wants to crack down on thrill-seekers looking to get their kicks by breaking into city landmarks and other places where civilized society, according to him, doesn't belong.
As we enter what meteorologists have promised/threatened will be a particularly harsh and sweaty summer, Con Ed has sent shut-off notices to nearly 1 million customers for failure to pay their mysteriously costly bills.
Senator Charles Schumer today proposed a bill that would offer a tax break for those who commute by Citi Bike, much like the exclusion already available for those traveling by mass transit, car or their own bicycles.
Schumer also celebrated his father's 90th birthday at Peter Luger's last night. Maybe they ended up at The Woods?
Sen. Charles Schumer on Sunday called the pills "an addicts dream," thanks to the relative ease they can be turned into powder and snorted or shot.
Senator Chuck Schumer is in charge of this year's post-Inaugural congressional luncheon.
Senator Chuck Schumer held one of his patented Sunday chats yesterday, and the topic this week was one close to Justin Bieber's heart: milk.
"Some people are using this technology recklessly," the Senior Democrat from New York said Sunday. "Some who have far more evil intent may decide to use them as well."
With Cornell set to open a high-tech campus on Roosevelt Island in a few years (with a stopover in Google HQ) good old Chuck Schumer is worried that the geeks won't be able to handle the tram or the F train.
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