Charles rangel

“I am shocked, I am heart-sickened," says Hazel Dukes, head of the local NAACP.
If elected, Espaillat will be the first Dominican in Congress.
'The number of absentee and provisional ballots was not sufficient for Espaillat to make up the difference.'
Espaillat wants every vote to be counted.
Will this be a valedictory term for Rangel, or the passing of the torch to Espaillat?
He's been representing Harlem since 1971.
We can all agree: there's nothing America does better than elections.
Rangel will serve a 22nd term.
There are a number of significant Congressional primary contests today, and these will most likely be decided by a tiny number of voters capable of remembering that the primary was moved to June.
Are the federal magistrate judge's proposed Congressional redistricting pitting minorities against each other?
As the coverage of the Occupy Wall Street protest has increased, many celebrities and politicians have attempted show solidarity—and some have had uncomfortable experiences.
A portrait of once-embattled Rep. Charles Rangel will hang at the Capitol.
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