Charles dickens

Further, and for reasons we'll never fully understand, Dickens's sister-in-law affixed the paw to a letter opener as a gift for the author. An ivory blade now shoots out just beyond Bob's paw pads.
Each page is scanned, so you can view the notes in the margins that he used for readings.
There's also a Christmas card from Jack Kerouac to his soon-to-be wife Stella, and more.
There are notes in the margins that Dickens wrote for himself to follow during readings.
Seriously, his dead cat's paw is at the main branch of the New York Public Library.
Probably not as well as this.
Up for auction this week is a dog collar owned by
Once we saw Charles Dickens' old cat's paw mounted to a
There's nothing like a library to awaken our love of reading. Tomorrow
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