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Some Indian-American New Yorkers are urging people to prioritize local volunteers and mutual aid funds working on the ground in the pandemic-stricken country.

Drive-in movies may become all the rage in the coming months.

How to give something back while giving thanks in NYC.

New Yorkers don't need a truffle and gold-topped bagel to be charitable, but here it is nevertheless.

If you want to help out Puerto Rico after it was devastated by hurricanes, you can donate money to online fundraisers and goods at a couple of donation drives locally.

Right now, ant charity efforts in Houston that are related to Hurricane Harvey need your cold hard cash, so here are some places where you can direct it.

You can't alway get what you want, but you can get a little piece of Keef.

You can play any song you want for charity from any band you love (including your own). What do you choose? "Yesterday."

They've reportedly sold the building to a charitable organization.

"We have been concerned that the Trump Foundation may have engaged in some impropriety," he said.