Prosecutors say it took them nearly eight minutes to intervene when an 18-year-old attempted to hang himself.
Back in May, the DEA and NYPD Internal Affairs arrested 30-year-old officer Devon Daniels and accused him of using law enforcement databases to help out a heroin dealer.
Police have arrested a 20-year-old found with a ceremonial chalice from
One day in June 2007, maintenance man Robert Lopez was taking
After two and a half months sharing a seven-and-a-half-by-eight-foot concrete cell at
A former FedEx worker turned state trooper is accused of writing phony
Screengrab of's Follieri news item from last night--why no pope
We know from reading our Daily Mail that Hollywood starlet Anne Hathaway
DOS police lieutenant John Fitzgerald is a 24-year vet who's better known
Snoop Dogg, in town shooting BET interviews last week, was caught green-handed
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