Chef Danny Brown, who ran the first Queens restaurant to earn a Michelin star, transformed his newish UES bistro into a cheese, charcuterie and wine bar.
Charcuterie makers around the country (and Canada) will assemble their finest sausages, salamis, bacons, lardos, prosciutto, and pates for the event.
The Doughnut Project launches Meat Week on Monday, with flavors like Prosciutto, Pear & Olive Oil and an Adult PB&J with foie gras whipped into peanut butter with concord grape jelly.
They'll have an extensive collection of cheeses, sandwiches, charcuterie and nearly 300 different types of beer and cider.
Make-your-own 6-packs, freshly sliced ham from the bone and other complementary products await inside the new retail outlet.
Ever since he started buying whole animals, Willis Loughhead, the new executive
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