Chapter 11

This is the third time Loehmann's has filed for bankruptcy protection in the past 14 years.
Blame Johnny.
Today is a "very sad day for the legal profession," if a good one for lawyer haters.
We knew it was coming, but it's still a little bid sad. What went wrong?
Only two years after coming out of bankruptcy it appears that Hostess Brands, which owns Twinkies and Wonder Bread among other indestructible foods, may be about to declare Chapter 11 again.
American Airlines has been struggling, in part due to "rising fuel prices" and "intensifying competitive challenges."
(Single Linds Reflex's flickr) Sbarro, arguably the king of mall food
Bitchcakes' Flickr This has not been a good year for bagel
Is this the future for Borders? (via specialkrb's flickr). The news
After being forced to fork over $2.3 million in back wages
A U.S. Bankruptcy Court judge decided to postpone his decision regarding
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