Two seatings nightly (6:30 and 8:30 p.m.) for 16 people unfold over an hour and a half, where guests "create a vinyl playlist in real time to listen to during their dinner."
Plus a very dramatic caviar service.
It's not too late to have a festive and fancy feast to close out 2016.
Here are some options that can spare you a long wait outside a restaurant or bar because you forgot to snag a spot in advance.
$500 gets you a bottle of champagne, VIP seating, and something even more precious...
Buckets of fried chicken are paired with bottles of champagne for a high-low approach to Southern cuisine.
Resist the urge to grab whatever's on the bottom shelf of your liquor store; with a little knowledge you can easily purchase a great bottle of sparkling wine without putting yourself in the poor house.
So many toasts, down the drain.
What Would F. Scott Fitzgerald Say?
A Bay Ridge woman just wrote a book about losing weight on "The Champagne Diet," and science backs her up.
"I believe this demonstrates the same disconnect we saw at the Cipriani club. The 1% thinks they can get away with stealing our future, and laugh at us while doing so," said an OccupyWallStreet member.
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