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Five will open in the next year alone, four of which will serve alcohol. This could be anywhere.

Like Wagamama did for the sit-down experience, Itsu will do for quick lunches and the like.

The big meal also includes either four cocktails or a bottle of cava.

The restaurant offers up quite a bit of poultry-based dishes, everything from their extra virgin olive oil fried options to grilled options like Jamaican BBQ and Bulgogi Chicken Galbi.

Filipino fast food chain Jollibee has one location in Queens and they're taking on the Port Authority area for round two.

Noodles, rice and curry will be arriving at 55 Third Avenue, yet another sleek addition to the nearly unrecognizable stretch of the East Village.

The chain has plans to open a dozen stores in the New York area by 2018.

And it's not in Times Square!!!!!!!!!!!!!