Chain stores

Dunkin Donuts will not rest until there's a Munchkin™ on every block.
Also, pour one out for Frederick's of Hollywood.
Small businesses would be fined $250 for a first violation, and $500 for second and subsequent violations.
"This bookstore has more to offer than all of our local libraries combined!"
Underneath the roar of the 7 train, a battle is raging over the future of the area and the city's chosen mechanism for upscaling a commercial area, the Business Improvement District.
Is Duane Reade really as ubiquitous as it seems?
The bar/performance space is slated for closure at the end of the month.
The preponderance of big chain stores on the Upper West Side could be severely reversed under a plan introduced by the Department of City Planning.
One of 466 in the city (via Red Right Ankle's flickr
Iridesco Watercooler put together this cool graph of the data released earlier
The Center for Urban Future has compiled what they say is
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