One fan believes the whole thing went downhill when they took away the window swings.
The latest, in Little Italy, also sells ice cream sundaes topped with cereal and other types of candy.
You can even swap out the milk for ice cream.
If you can't sate a craving for artificially-flavored death crystals from a branded sneaker shop in Prospect Heights then what the hell are we even doing here?
Inspired by the flavor of Flintstones Vitamins, the whimsical drink employs Fruity Pebbles for fun and flavor.
For those who enjoyed mixing Mentos with Diet Coke, this video is for you.
If you're not into soggy cereal for some reason, this bowl may interest you.
An artist adds some pounds to the cereal icon, in an attempt to draw attention to the unhealthy breakfast treat.
Because regular old Cheerios aren't caliente enough for Latino tastebuds?
Try telling that to the Lucky Charms Leprechaun, who insists haughtily that it most certainly is not.
Finally! More marshmallows, less non-marshmallows.
Fists With Your Toes' Flickr There was panic on the soggy
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