Central park west

Ten miles of shiny new protected bike lanes will be added to the borough in 2020, according to the city.
'Myself and many of the other residents of CPW who use our street for walking and biking and not car storage are relieved to see this decision which will ensure a street that works for everyone.'
Kenneth Squire, a 53-year-old resident of the 25 Central Park West building, alleged the condo board's lawsuit "came as a complete surprise to the residents and unit owners of the Century Condominium."
The city's transportation department began laying a protected bike lane along Central Park West on Wednesday, one day after a group of luxury homeowners sued to stop the redesign from going forward.
The new bike lane will stretch from 59th Street to 110th Street and will be separated from traffic by plastic bollards and a seven foot buffer.
Instead of a bidirectional lane on Central Park West, transportation officials presented their plans for a northbound bike lane, separated from traffic by plastic bollards and a seven foot buffer.
Madison Lyden had been in the bike lane, but was forced to swerve when a livery cab pulled in ahead on her.
The truck driver was arrested for DWI.
The DEA said if the seized drugs are all fentanyl, then "This seizure alone contains enough potency to kill half of the population of New York City."
To celebrate Not My President's Day.
A woman was severely injured Tuesday after an SUV crashed into a taxi cab and sent it spinning into her.
Bono lives in the adjacent tower.
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