Central park boathouse

Current management says the restaurant is "permanently closing" as of October 16th, but the Parks Department says it's actively looking for a new operator.
"I think the city is resilient, and I think it's going to come long it's going to take to get back to where we were, I don't have a crystal ball."
That included two male waiters who "announced they were having a 'contest' to see who could sleep with [her] first. They even openly bragged about their contest."
After 44 days, Central Park Boathouse workers are heading back to work.
After nearly a month of striking, the workers unrest at the Central Park Boathouse appears to be drawing to a close. And–spoiler alert!–it looks like the workers won!
The federal National Labor Relations Board will step in to help out the 65 Central Park Boathouse employees who are striking for better work conditions.
Sure, it is the champagne of municipal tap waters, but still! $8 bucks for a filtered bottle of the stuff?
Increasingly embattled restaurateur Dean Poll's latest headache is a sexual harassment lawsuit from six former and current employees at the Central Park Boathouse.
The NYC Parks Department selected a new operator for that touristy
Yesterday, there was excitement over the U.S. Olympic Men's Marathon Trial
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