Center for constitutional rights

The judge also marveled at the NYPD's low success rate in finding weapons or making arrests using stop-and-frisk.
The former Chief of Department presented himself as a commanding officer who seemingly shrugged off allegations of quotas and racial bias that plagued the NYPD.
"I said something like, 'A little while ago you were struggling with me in the street, you had an attitude…now you're crying like a little girl,' " the officer testified.
The NYPD released a memo earlier this month ordering officers to more thoroughly document stops, a move that was derided by City attorneys last week.
A major civil trial challenging the NYPD's controversial stop-and-frisk policy begins today in Federal court in Manhattan.
"It is appalling that the City administration is abandoning the men and women at Rikers," the director of the Center for Constitutional Rights said; but the Mayor's office assured that Riker's was not in danger.
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