Center for an urban future

A new study breaks down commutes, neighborhood by neighborhood.
Also, pour one out for Frederick's of Hollywood.
Dunkin'. Starbucks is the biggest chain in Manhattan.
The city's streets are in the worst shape, with 42.7 percent of Manhattan roads considered substandard.
Weep sad tears for Kings County, folks, and shop your feelings at your friendly neighborhood J. Crew.
Like some sort of retail cancer, chain stores just keep opening up in NYC.
The Center found 26 different occupations in seven different employment sectors that could provide 26,000 jobs "without substantial educational and training requirements."
Flickr user Valerio_B For years, the city's center was Manhattan, and
Photograph by Harris Graber on Flickr Just as the Center for
A new report from the Center for an Urban Future (whose previous
While the Bloomberg administration (and Thor Equities) ponder a plan to rezone
A study by the Center for an Urban Future, called Attack of
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