Census 2010

So, how long until we get a "Chinese Harlem" Google neighborhood?
From the moment the results of the 2010 Census were released
Photograph by Michelle Rick on Flickr Besides pissing New York officials
Recount! According to the 2010 Census data, New York's population grew
Flickr user SpecialKRB Apparently the 2010 Census workers were extremely thorough.
via Eric Fischer's flickr We're all super pumped about the results
The anticipation of 2010 Census data has everyone crunching numbers about
With news that the state could be losing two House seats
Aaaand the Census results come home to roost. According to Politico,
Those Brooklyn Census workers really don't want to lose their jobs.
For its decennial enumeration, the U.S. Census Bureau hired about 700,000
Two Census Bureau managers have been fired from their Brooklyn offices
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