His second-term promise generally fell into three big buckets around electoral democracy, the 2020 census, and civic engagement. The results were decidedly mixed.
“This number will ensure our city gets the federal resources we need to keep moving forward," Mayor de Blasio said.
You might listen to a man in deep eastern Queens tell a story about his childhood in his native Amuzgo, or read about how 3,000 German refugees speaking Palatine German were stranded on Governors Island in 1710.
In an unsigned opinion, the conservative wing of the court said any ruling would be "premature."
New York City could lose out on billions of dollars.
The Census is ending a month early, on September 30th.
“In many communities, particularly where we need to have in-person outreach, COVID is a barrier to that."
Some workers in NYC say they've haven't receive any training about census counts amidst COVID-19 concerns.
“If we are undercounted they will not take millions of dollars away from your community,” de Blasio said. “They will take billions of dollars away from you, your family, your neighborhood, your city."
New York has lost the most residents in the country in 2019.
The map displays where there are languages spoken by large swaths of the neighborhood, and those that are spoken by just a few people.
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